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Simplify editing operations with a new class-based drawing structure. Edit features and icons are now organized in a way that makes the information they display easily accessible. (video: 5:16 min.)AutoCAD standardizes the tools available for many drawing features. New functionality and options enable you to work with industry-standard tools and enables you to work with Open Graphics Exchange Format (OGX) files. (video: 6:53 min.)What’s new in 3DThe industry-leading drafting technology in AutoCAD brings new possibilities for you to work with 3D models.Augmented reality lets you see in real time and correct your drawings with objects you’ve placed in the CAD drawings. (video: 5:58 min.)Rapid access to all your models and objects, and simple, fast navigation through the modeling environment, via a new On-Screen Keyboard. (video: 3:10 min.)3D plot and other tools support open CAD standards. Improved 3D plot control gives you flexibility and performance when working with standard 3D models.What’s new in PowerBIThe PowerBI Report Designer enables you to generate a report in seconds, then generate PDF, Excel, and other formats. You can also generate reports directly from PowerBI.New conditional formatting filters to make reporting easier and faster.You can now put the results of any query into PowerBI columns and rows.Cloud-based data warehouse for better collaboration and faster processing.What’s new in ExcelAs the CAD industry leader, the Excel features in AutoCAD add a rich set of powerful new capabilities and improvements.Save space and time by formatting and applying text and graphics to multiple worksheets.Manage multiple files with a single worksheet.Open Excel files without the need to open a CAD file.Conditional formatting lets you change the appearance of a spreadsheet row or column based on other cells.Improved formulas that are easier to use, more accurate, and more efficient.What’s new in Microsoft Power QueryPower Query offers a powerful set of tools for data analysis. It simplifies how you perform common tasks and enables you to automate the extraction of data from multiple sources.Create dynamic data tables and charts that transform and visualize data from disparate data sources. (video: 9:14 min 2be273e24d