About Us

Austin Black Pride, a 501 (c) 3 organization, was recreated in 2016 with queer people of color in mind. The founders of Austin Black Pride (ABP) saw that Austin was lacking in spaces and programming that catered to the unique needs of its Black LGBTQ community. Austin Black Pride was not created to further divide, bash, or belittle non-Black LGBTQ communities; but to instead preserve the culture and history, while also celebrating the evolution of Black LGBTQ folk. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to cultivate a culture of inclusion and celebration, and transform the lives of our community through education, advocacy, and activism. We are the home for social change, and our network empowers our family with the resources for a stronger, healthier, and more prosperous future.

We are committed to:

Community Development: Producing engaging initiatives that address socio-economic issues affecting our communities. We are dedicated to teaming up with agents of change to mobilize & bring awareness to disparities such as HIV/AIDS, Education, Employment and Housing.

Youth Development: Providing positive leadership and skill-building opportunities for innovation and mobilization of youth visibility and action in our communities. In addition, providing assistance to youth who are seeking higher education.

Community Outreach:  Fostering networks and collaboration with members of our communities and partners who share a similar vision, we produce large scale outreach activities to provide information, education and networking opportunities that improve the quality of life for our diverse communities. Austin Black Pride not only provides culturally specific programming but designs a weeklong pride celebration created for and planned entirely by volunteers of the community.

Our Vision

Austin Black Pride envisions a community free of anti-LGBTQ prejudice, bigotry, and hate allowing LGBTQ people of color to live comfortably and unapologetically. We work to develop spaces and programming that not only invite others in to garner a deeper understanding of LGBTQ people of color.

Our Objectives

To provide culturally specific programming in the realms of art, education, social service, and health and wellness that encforce the following:

  • Social Justice: Mobilizing indivduals for intersectional work and social justice.

  • Youth Voice & Action: Providing opportunities for youth to have a voice and action in leadership.

  • Empowerment: Empowering LGBTQ people of color for positive change in society.

  • Positive Change: Building stronger LGBTQ and ally communities in Central Texas.

  • Diversity: Celebrating and recognizing diversity for the purposes of cultural preservation and tolerance.

Strengthening our collective by providing culturally specific programming and events for black LGBTQI+ communities. 


Assisting black LGBTQI+ communities in overcoming the challenges presented to them through developing leadership skills, building networks, and providing the tools needed to effectively make a change. 

Bringing awareness and educational opportunities with a focus on health and wellness, economic freedom, and social equity.